Your Grape Escape

Fall is wine festival time in the Okanagan but have you ever thought about actually being part of the grape harvest? Well now you can. Jayne and Paul Graydon, owners of Saxon Estate Winery will show you how to harvest grapes this coming October. You get to live the life of a vintner and it helps them as well!
Saxon Estate Winery is a 4-acre organic vineyard is in the shadow of Giant Head Mountain in Summerland, BC. It is one of the oldest established vineyards in BC, being planted in 2000 when the original owners replaced an ageing organic orchard with four varietals: Pinot Noir, Pinot Gris, Gewürztraminer and Léon Millot. Saxon is the only grower of this grape in the Okanagan.

Come stay with us at the Peachland Eagles Nest B&B and get your hands dirty with the winemaker in a true wine festival manner by harvesting the grapes. It is not a difficult process. One clips the bunch from the vine making sure there are no leaves and dead grapes. Place the bunch in a basket and then grab another bunch and clip it from the vine. That’s it. You are surrounded by the beauty of the vines, the smell of the earth and the vistas of fall colours.

Saxon Estate Winery:
Wine Club: Saxon has six wines on our list typically and an ever growing wine club that receive a 15% discount off our wines.


Murray Wood

Paul and Jayne Graydon

Saxon Estate Winery

The Wine

NOTE: Harvest is expected to be in October this year. When the grapes are ready they must be picked. Your stay may not coincide with the ripening. If you have agreed to help harvest and the grapes are ready, then you will be expected at the winery.

At the time of this writing Peachland Eagles Nest B&B has availability in our Orchard House during October ( and later in the month there are a few days in the Treehouse Suite ( or the Blue Horizon Suite (