Cider stop

Round the bend

Karl & drive wheels

Valiiey of the vines

Wine valley

Mighty engine

Sommelier Express, Summerland September, 2016

It was time to have some fun. I had been working on buying and building Phase 1 of the Peachland Eagles Nest B&B for several months. When the Treehouse Suite opened the guests were having all the fun.

I stopped in at the 8th Generation Vineyard and they told me about a wonderful event organized by the Bottleneck Drive Winery Association called The Sommelier Express (

It turned out to be a wonderful event.

The guests arrived at the Ketal Valley Steam Train station (KVR). All were in good spirits and the Vintners were serving their finest sparkling wines and there was a wonderful jazz duo providing entertainment.

The “all aboard” shout was heard and we all scrambled to just the right seat for the train ride. I had invited a long-time friend, Karl, to join me for this event. Karl was a Chief of Transport in the Burnaby fire department so we had to sit by the engine. During the trip I was constantly impressed with the beauty of the valleys below and the fine white wine we were served to the first leg of the journey.

Once we arrived at the KVR trestle, where the train turns around, we were greeted by the same Jazz trio and two of the cideries serving wonderful ciders and hors d’oeuvres.

Once underway back to the KVR station the evening sun skimmed the valley and back lighted the vines. To add to the beauty we were served fine red wines.

Once we arrived back at the KVR station we were greeted with more music and beautifully set tables. The evening dinner was 4 courses. The vintners had chosen wines to pair with each course. They joined us at the table and we had interesting conversations.

The cost was only $125 and that was a bargain for the most wonderful afternoon and evening. I sincerely hope this becomes an annual event.