Peachland’s Renaissance Winery, Hainle Winery


When I first met Bella Haung, I was struck by her positive energy and how interested she was in Peachland, its people and countryside. As I have come to know her, I have leaned, that Bella brings a great deal of experience, business acumen and creativity to our community.

Bella grew up in the southern countryside of China, which is full of wild fruit and rolling hills. In a lot of ways, Peachland reminds her of the old Chinese countryside where she and her husband both grew up.

This area is called the Gentleman Valley and lays within the southeastern valley of Luoxiao mountains. The valley is a sanctuary of wild fruits, filled with a collection of countless species, a breathtaking sight to behold.

Here they established the Gentleman Valley Biodiversity Centre that cultivates, develops, and conserve these wild fruit varieties, as well as propagate new varieties. They have the Wild Fruit World which is a food & beverage retail brand that uses wild fruits from Gentleman Valley. They use an organic approach to produce wines, ciders, and have received more than 10 national achievements.

Bella is a co-founder of Bella Crafts and ships seasonal decoration and gift baskets to chain stores in Canada such as Loblaws/Superstore, the Dollar Store, Dollarama and stores in the US. This has given Bella a great deal of experience communicating with customers in North America, and deep understanding of the western culture. This has provided solid foundation for trading and managing a winery subsequently here in Peachland.

Bella’s family first moved to Canada in 2007. She and her husband believed that it would be better for the next generation of their family to have a North American education. This way, their son would be able to improve his English and Canada would provider greater opportunities.

Their son was going to University of Toronto when COVID-19 hit. So, when the university decided in March to move his programs online, he flew back to China to be with his father and family. Her husband has been stuck in China since COVID hit as well. It is a challenge not being able to see them but being separated by an entire ocean makes them feel even further away.

They bought Hainle Winery in 2017 and moved to Peachland in early 2020. Bella has done an amazing job of bringing Hainle Winery back to life. Every task she has taken on has been huge, including major renovations, reviving the vineyards, new wine making equipment, and new approach to making wine and staffing. She has accomplished so much in the last year and half!

May 1st, 2021, Hainle Winery is releasing their new vintages. The Peachland scenery paintings created by local artist, Richard Smith, are on the labels of the 2020 new wines. Bella is also an artist and some of her work appears on the labels. She has an amazing understanding of how to use highlights and shading to achieve three-dimensional result. I found the new releases have an interesting pallet and are refreshing. You will find the tasting notes on the back label.

During a discussion with Bella, she said “We want to be a place where locals take their families and friends. We have been remarkably busy for the past six months, remodeling our wine tasting area and wine shop. We are fully on-board with the ‘Love Local’ philosophy, so we used local trades businesses for all the renovation projects. We could not be happier with the results. They did a beautiful job. When COVID-19 settles down a little, we will be looking to host more events for the community up here. This is the direction we want to take, and we’re so excited about it and looking forward to having more local people working at the winery.”

Hainle Winery May 2021 Vintage List:

Ancestral Riesling; Cabernet Franc; Chardonnay; Frizzante Rose; Gewurzt-Riesling; Happiness; Hainle Cuvee; Pinot Gris; Riesling Still Wine; Rose.

To order the new May 2021 release please contact Hainle Winery;   (250) 767-2525