Lift off!

It was a special day for a special lady, my wife and partner, Valerie Wood. It was her birthday, May 31, and I wanted to provide an event that would enable her to check off another item on her bucket list. We find the Okanagan a beautiful place to live and from the air it is magnificent.

Valhalla Helicopters has a base in West Kelowna, a 15-minute drive from the Peachland Eagles Nest. I enjoyed the staff at Valhalla Helicopters and they have put together excellent tours. A helicopter is an excellent viewing platform. No wings or struts to obscure your view and it has the ability to hover above an area that catches your attention.

Vahalla Helicopters
Valerie wanted to see the Eagles Nest B&B from the air. We look across the lake at Rattle Snake island and the Okanagan Mountain Provincial Park and have always wondered what was over the mountain. We hovered over the Eagles Nest and then crossed the lake and swooped up the mountain face and crested. It was a different world! Wild and craggy. Volcanic and glaciated. Along the rock seems there and canyons there are pond lakes and game trails. On our way back to base we flew along a canyon with magnificent rock formations towering on either side of the helicopter.

We now look across the lake at the mountain with new understanding and appreciation.

Peachland Eagles Nest B&B
Okanagan Mtn, Park
Squally Point and Rattle Snake island
Peachland North
Valhalla Helicopters are the perfect aircraft for adventure. They can take you to a mountain top picnic, an alpine lake escape, wedding photos on a mountain and many other scenic adventures.

The Okanagan wine country is beautiful and from the air. You will see the lovey patterns that the rows of vines and the topography, together, create. You will also land and taste some of the wonderful wines.

Come stay with us at the Peachland Eagles Nest B&B and experience the adventure of the Okanagan.

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