Fishing 365 days a year.


The Okanagan and surrounding country is blessed with many “Big Water” lakes as well as the secluded backcountry ponds and lakes. An angler can fish all year round for different species and apply many different angling techniques.

We have an excellent fishing guide, Rodney Hennig, to show you where and how to catch the big ones and have a lot of fun doing it. His company name is “Rodney’s Reel Outdoors”. I will let Rod tell you about his ice fishing and winter trolling adventures;

Ice Fishing

“Our ice fishing charters are usually underway by mid December and typically continue through until late March. We target Rainbow Trout, Perch and Brook Trout with the use of an underwater camera system that allows us to see the fish. On the cooler days or if the wind should come up we use a six-man ice fishing hut for a more comfortable day. We keep a hot blazing fire on shore for our guests and included in your fishing charter is a hot lunch of smokies roasted over the fire, snacks and hot chocolate. Our Australian guests tell me they call smokies, snags…I like that better than smokies! When fishing for Perch we can also do a breaded Perch fry right on the ice! You just gotta catch’em! Should you decide to keep some fish we will clean and bag them for you at the end of your ice fishing charter“.

Winter Trolling

“Our Okanagan Valley ‘Big Lake’ guided fishing charters run year round in the comfort of our heated cabin on board our 22 foot Thunderjet boat. Some of the lakes we fish are Okanagan, Shuswap, Mabel, Kalamalka, Wood, Skaha and Osoyoos to name a few. We are blessed with such an abundance of big water lakes to fish and this allows us to take advantage of the peak seasons each lake has to offer”.

Relax at the Nest

Come and stay at the Peachland Eagles Nest B&B and enjoy the mild Okanagan winter and at the same time experience all the winter sports. Downhill and cross country skiing, snowshoeing, hiking, wine tours and now ice and winter fishing. When your daily adventure is done come back to your private suite and enjoy the fire table on your private deck along with a hot toddy. Each deck has a BBQ so you can grill your fish you caught with Rodney’s Reel Outdoors.

Watch for my spring article where I will talk more about the fabulous Okanagan fishing.

Rodney’s Reel Outdoors

Rod Hennig


West Kelowna

Guest Photo: Rida Chughta