Eagles Nest Road Trips: Wood Lake & Okanagan Centre Rd.  Loop


Driving time: From Peachland Eagles Nest and back, 2.45 hours, and 126 Klm.

Use of Google/My Maps

To access this road trip on Google Maps you will need to have the app installed on your mobile devise. Go to 1eaglesnest.ca> Okanagan Life > Road Trips on your devise. You can find this route on Google/my maps by clicking this link Wood Lake & Okanagan Centre Loop. https://www.google.ca/maps/d/edit?mid=1O7l-qgGZcqGU2-Xf779dfv8YvqxbBil0&usp=sharing

Wood Lake & Kalamalka Lake

If you want to see some different terrain and a more open agricultural area, then you will enjoy the Wood Lake – Okanagan Centre Rd. loop.

You can take Hwy 97 to Kelowna, or you can take my Back Road to Kelowna Route.

Once you cross the bridge, proceed along Harvey Ave. Turn left at Richter Street and then right onto Bernard Ave. Continue along Burnard till you reach Glenmore Dr., and Turn left.

Bernard Ave. is a lovely Ave, with many restaurants and shops. They close a few blocks every summer for pedestrian ambling. As you head east on Bernard you will pass through an area with vintage restored houses and large overhanging trees.

Proceed north on Glenmore Dr. till you get to lake country. You will find yourself at a 3 way stop sign on Seaton Rd. Turn right and then left onto Hwy 97. Proceed north on 97 till you get to the intersection of Occola Rd. and Woodsdale Rd. Turn right onto Woodsdale Rd. You will see the Turtle Bay Pub as you turn right and follow Woodsdale to Oyama Rd. Turn left onto Oyama Rd. and follow the loop around Wood Lake.

Bernard Ave.

Turtle Bay Pub

OKF Grill

North end of Wood Lake

Rail Trail: The Rail Trail starts at the south end of Wood Lake. It starts from Woodsdale Rd. just before Oyama Rd. The trail has a 2% grade and goes along the east side of Wood Lake and up the west side of Kalamalka Lake to the Coldstream area of south Vernon. If you make this part of your trip I would suggest lunch at Alexander’s Pub and then head back down the trail.

Bike Rental: If you want to make riding the beautiful Rail Trail part of your day then you can rent bikes at Lake Country Cycle and electric bikes at Pedego Oyama at Gatzke’s Farm Market.

Rail Trail

Pedego Bike Rental

Okanagan Lake, North

Once you have made the loop around Wood Lake you will find yourself back at the intersection of Occola Rd. and Woodsdale Rd. Turn right onto Occola Rd. (there is a Tim Horton on your right) and procced to Okanagan Centre Rd. and turn left. Proceed to Davidson Rd. and turn right. Follow Davidson over the ridge to the Grey Monk Winney.

Grey Monk Winney: The Grey Monk is a lovely winery with great views, good wine at reasonable prices. They also have a lovely dinning room.

The Okanagan Centre Rd. Loop: Once you leave the Grey Monk head down the hill to Okanagan Centre Rd. turn left and follow the beach road. There are many good places for a beach picnic. The road eventually goes up and over the ridge and reconnects with Glenmore Dr. Turn right and follow it back to the city of Kelowna.

Grey Monk Winery

Darrell McLeod Riding Shotgun

Okanagan Centre Rd.

Pebble Beach, Okanagan Centre Rd.

Waterfront Kelowna Drive: If you want to drive through the waterfront and hotel area of Kelowna take this side route. You will be heading south on Glenmore Dr. Turn right onto High Rd. and follow it down to Cliffton Rd. Turn left on Cliffton and then right on Clement Ave. Follow Clement Ave. which turns into Water Street. You will be in the heart of the hotel and waterfront area. Follow water street down to Harvey Ave. turn right and cross the bridge back to West Kelowna.

You can take Hwy 97 to Kelowna, or you can take my Back Road to Kelowna Route. Back home.

Kelowna Board Walk


  1. Mediterranean Market. This is a delightful deli to build a picnic and have on a beach at Wood Lake or Okanagan Centre Rd. 1570 Gordon Dr, Kelowna
  2. Turtle Bay Pub. Very relaxing with a great marina View. 2850 Woodsdale Rd, Lake Country.
  3. OKF Grill. A funky burger grill at the north end of Wood Lake. 16020 Oyama Rd, Lake Country.
  4. Pane Vino Pizzeria, located at Gatzke’s Farm Market. 3996 Irvine Rd, Lake Country.
  5. Grey Monk Lookout Restaurant. 1055 Camp Rd, Lake Country


Driving Directions: Wood Lake & Okanagan Centre Loop


5816 Brown Pl, Peachland, BC V0H 1X4, Canada

30.8 km, 34 minutes

Head northeast on Brown Pl toward Victoria St

108 m

Turn right onto Victoria St

209 m

Turn right onto Gladstone Rd

181 m

Turn right onto Somerset Ave

1.11 km

Sharp left onto Princeton Ave

696 m

Turn left onto Okanagan Hwy/BC-97 N

13.1 km

Keep right to stay on Okanagan Hwy/BC-97 N

12.1 km

Turn left onto Richter St

320 m

Turn right onto Bernard Ave

2.62 km

Turn left

291 m

Turn right

29 m

Slight right

23 m

Turn right

14 m

Turn left

22 m

1297 Glenmore Dr, Kelowna, BC V1Y 4P4, Canada

19.8 km, 21 minutes

Head north

92 m

Turn right toward Glenmore Dr

114 m

Turn right onto Glenmore Dr

15.4 km

Turn left onto BC-97 N

3.89 km

Turn right onto Woodsdale Rd

164 m

Turn left

75 m

2860 Woodsdale Rd, Lake Country, BC V4V 2L2, Canada

8.67 km, 10 minutes

Head northwest toward Woodsdale Rd

75 m

Turn left onto Woodsdale Rd

1.84 km

Turn left onto Oyama Rd

6.50 km

Keep left to stay on Oyama Rd

38 m

Continue straight to stay on Oyama Rd

116 m

Turn left to stay on Oyama Rd

95 m

15459 Oyama Rd, Lake Country, BC V4V 2C5, Canada

21.0 km, 27 minutes

Head west on Oyama Rd toward Greenhow Rd

1.73 km

Turn left onto Pelmewash Pkwy

6.34 km

Merge onto BC-97 S

422 m

Turn right onto Oceola Rd

1.06 km

At the roundabout, take the 3rd exit onto Okanagan Centre Rd E

1.20 km

Turn right onto Davidson Rd

1.61 km

Continue onto Camp Rd

1.82 km

Turn left onto Okanagan Centre Rd W

4.93 km

Turn right to stay on Okanagan Centre Rd W

1.88 km

Turn right onto Glenmore Rd

37 m

9331 Glenmore Rd, Lake Country, BC V4V 1M8, Canada

 Driving Directions: Kelowna Water Street Side Trip

936 Summit Dr, Kelowna, BC V1V 2P5, Canada

5.00 km, 10 minutes

Head west

159 m

Turn right toward Summit Dr

47 m

Turn right onto Summit Dr

107 m

Continue onto High Rd

1.02 km

Turn left onto Clifton Rd

636 m

Turn right onto Clement Ave

2.11 km

Continue onto Water St

580 m

At the roundabout, continue straight to stay on Water St

183 m

At the roundabout, continue straight to stay on Water St

154 m

297 Bernard Ave, Kelowna, BC V1Y 6N2, Canada

695 m, 5 minutes

Head south on Water St toward Lawrence Ave

89 m

Turn right onto Lawrence Ave

153 m

Turn right toward Lawrence Ave

94 m

Make a U-turn

94 m

Turn right onto Lawrence Ave

48 m

Turn left onto Abbott St

147 m

Turn right onto BC-97 SDestination will be on the right

70 m

1675 Abbott St, Kelowna, BC V1Y 1A9, Canada