Eagles Nest Road Trips: Summerland Loop

Driving time 1 hour from Peachland and back.

The Summerland Loop takes you through the village, beautiful countryside, orchards, vineyards and amazing view of the Giant’s Head Mountain.

Use of Google/MyMaps

To access this road trip on Google Maps you will need to have the app installed on your mobile devise. Go to 1eaglesnest.ca> Okanagan Life > Road Trips on your devise. You can find this route on Google/my maps by clicking this link. Summerland Loop

It is a beautiful drive to Summerland along the lake. As you come into town from the north you will pass Sumac Ridge Winery and Back Door Winery.

Mountain Goats Fifteen minutes south of Peachland watch for the adobe style Guest Inn called La Punta Norte on your left just before Summerland. As soon as you pass the Inn watch for mountain goats on the mountain side and the rock cliff on your right.

As you come into town from the north you will pass Sumac Ridge Winery and Back Door Winery.


I would recommend two places for lunch. On Rosedale Ave. right near Hwy 97 you will find Zias Stonehouse Restaurant and the Peacock’s Perch Pub. They are very close to each other on either side of the street.

Zias Stonehouse Restaurant        14015 Rosedale Ave       (250) 494-1105    https://ziasstonehouse.com/

Peacock’s Perch Pub       14218 Rosedale Ave    (250) 494-9727                  Facebook

Side Trips

Visit Saxon Winey half block down Lumsden Ave. right off of Dale Meadows Rd.

Visit an excellent liquor store that has the best selection of craft beers and an IGA. They are in Summerfair Shopping Centre. At the Prairie Valley Rd. round-about take the east exit and it will still be Prairie Valley Rd. Proceed down the hill till you can see Hwy 97 and the strip mall will be on your right.

Summerland Health Care Auxiliary Thrift Shop:  13216 Victoria Rd. N


TR = Turn right            TL = Turn left

TR –  at Rosedale Ave. It turns sharply left and you will pass the Peacock’s Perch on the Zia’s Stone House Restaurant on the left. Proceed through the first round-a-bout.

TR –  onto Main St. The will be a Shell Station on the left corner. This street takes you through the village centre.

TL – onto Victoria St. There will be a park on your left and a big church on the right. Proceed to the first round-about.

TR – first right onto Prairie Valley Rd. The beautiful Prairie Valley will be meandering below to your left. Watch for Summergate Winery on your right.

TL – onto Lister Ave. This is a narrow lane in the orchards so keep an eye open.

TL – onto Dale Meadows Rd. This road offers an amazing view of Giant’s head mountain with orchards and vineyards in the foreground. This is a winding road. Watch for the Millionaire’s Row Cidery on your right. You will come to Lumsden Ave. on your right. Saxon Winey is just a half block down Lumsden Ave.

TL – onto Victoria Rd. and proceed to the first round-about.

TR – first right from round-about onto Prairie Valley Rd. This road curves left (north) right away. Proceed north through 2 round-abouts until you get back to Hwy 97. After the first round-about the road turns into Rosedale Ave.

Cross Hwy 97.

TL – on Biagioni Ave. Stay to the right and it turns into Fasbery Rd. Stay on this windy road. Watch for Okanagan Crush Pad Winery on your left. Continue till you get to a country intersection.

TR – onto Matsu Dr. You will get to the intersection of Fasbery Rd. Logie and Matsu Dr. Turn right on Matsu Dr. Matsu Dr. has broken pavement and eventually turns into a dirt road. It is no problem for any vehicle. You will come to a winery called Sage Hills Winery.

The road continues left past Sage Hills Winery and turns to a narrow dirt road and winds through the countryside. It will bring you to HWY 97.

TR – onto Hwy 97 and head north back to the Peachland Eagles Nest B&B.