Keremeos, Fruit Stand Capital of the World

Driving time 2 hours and 30 minutes from Peachland and back. 180 KLM.

The Keremeos trip takes you through beautiful country on a winding road with many elevation changes. A perfect drive for people who enjoy the driving experience of handling their car or motorcycle. Keremeos is the fruit stand capital of the world.

Take a fun drive to Keremeos, buy your fruit and veggies, and have lunch at a great restaurant. A great way to enjoy part of your day in the Okanagan Valley.

Use of Google/My Maps

To access this road trip on Google Maps you will need to have the app installed on your mobile devise. Go to> Okanagan Life > Road Trips on your devise. You can find this route on Google/my maps by clicking this link. Keremeos, Fruit Stand Capital

Beautiful drive to Summerland along the lake. As you come into town from the north you will pass Sumac Ridge Winery and Back Door Winery.

Mountain Goats Watch for the adobe style Guest Inn called La Punta Norte on your left just before Summerland. As soon as you pass the Inn watch for mountain goats on the mountain side and the rock cliff on your right.

Once you pass Summerland the highway drops down to lake level. On your right you will see hoodoo cliff formations and, on your left, looking across the lake, you will see the Naramata Bench wine country.

Continue south to Penticton. Continue south through Kaleden and take Highway 3A exit (turn right) to Vancouver/Keremeos. Continue to Keremeos. About halfway to Keremeos you will come to the Twin Lakes Golf Course and Yellow Lake. Yellow Lake has a rest stop at each end.

Points of Interest

DeLong Studios specializes in hand-crafted, original sterling silver jewelry and custom cut semi-precious stones. Sue and John are wonderful people as well.

Linden Garden Is a beautiful garden with a lovely café for fresh farm fair. The gardens are in Kaleden, 2 klm off Hwy 97.

Twin Lakes Golf This is a beautiful 18-hole golf course on Hwy 3A. Plan to shop for fruit and vegies in Keremeos in the morning and play a great game of golf on the way home.


Row 14 Restaurant, Cawston (just east of Keremeos)

“Our mission is to cultivate a better relationship between organic produce and creative cuisine through the collaboration of Chef and Farmer.  To celebrate our region, and the bounty of its soil, from farm to vineyard to forest”.

The Ranch Diner      511 7th Avenue Keremeos, BC.

A good place for breakfast or lunch.

Drive 170 km, 2 hour, 15 minutes

5816 Brown Pl, Peachland, BC V0H 1X4, Canada

84.5 km, 1 hour, 3 minutes

Head north-east on Brown Pl towards Victoria St

108 m

Turn right onto Victoria St

209 m

Turn right onto Gladstone Rd

181 m

Turn right onto Somerset Ave

1.11 km

Sharp left onto Princeton Ave

634 m

Sharp right onto Okanagan Hwy/BC-97 S

36.6 km

Turn right onto Okanagan Hwy/Railway St/BC-97 S (signs for Oliver/Osoyoos) Continue to follow Okanagan Hwy/BC-97 S

13.5 km

Turn right (signs for British Columbia 3A W/Vancouver)

292 m

Merge onto Hwy 3A W

31.4 km

Continue onto BC-3 W (signs for Princeton)

496 m

Turn right to stay on BC-3 W

43 m

623 7th Ave, Keremeos, BC V0X 1N0, Canada

6.05 km, 6 minutes

Head east on BC-3 E towards 7 St

43 m

Turn left to stay on BC-3 E

452 m

Turn right to stay on BC-3 E (signs for Cawston/Nighthawk USA/Osoyoos/Crowsnest Highway)

4.98 km

Turn left onto MacKenzie Rd

578 m

725 MacKenzie Rd, Cawston, BC V0X 1C2, Canada

89.5 km, 1 hour, 9 minutes